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It’s all about you and the people you love! Getting together with the people that are special in your life and capturing memories and imagery that you will have forever. That’s what we are here for.

A Lifestyle Portrait session with us lasts generally 1-2 hours and can take place out on location or in your home environment.

The idea is to get the images that capture you together, so don’t be put off by time scales we will work to what is required to get the images. Of course breaks for coffee and ice-creams are always a good way of re-setting the atmosphere, and distracting anyone having an unscheduled melt down. Hey, we’ve all been there, it’ll be fine, and we like coffee and cake, so all is good.

The location is your choice and the more creative the better, if you’ve got a favorite place lets go there, parkland to city walks, woods and fields to beaches. Do you have pets? Any specific props that you like, favorite items or keepsakes that are relevant to you that you would like to include? Bring them along. It’s about you and this moment in time that you want to preserve as a memory.

The cost of a shoot with us is £75, travel costs may be incurred depending on distant locations, just ask if you have a specific location in mind. You get our time, talent, experience and a 10x8 Mounted print. Your images will be edited and published to an online gallery from where you can then purchase your wall art as a Canvas, Acrylic or Aluminium print for your home, in varying sizes starting at around £200.

Of course we also produce fine art books and albums to display multiple images of the shoot. Mounted Fine Art prints and personalised presentation boxes. In addition to  a digital package of print resolution and social media ready images, in a presentation boxed drive, for you to print and share at your leisure, if that is what you prefer.

So if that sounds good to you, get in touch, we can discuss how you want your day to look, and book a date to grab those images.

We really do look forward to hearing from you.

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