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Rich Foister Photography

Based in London and East Anglia - Taking images of people, and their loved ones, their friends and businesses and everything that makes them special.

Hello I'm Rich Foister and I'm a photographer that works between London and East Anglia.  There are two sides to my business. Firstly, I  like to photograph people and the things that they hold dear, whether thats a wedding or family party, a portrait shoot or images with family, friends , pets or your car. I will happily come along and provide you with quality images of whatever it is that you hold dear to you.

My style is relaxed and friendly I take both documentary and posed images and I use both natural light as well as flash - for me its all about meeting you and getting to know you and giving you the images that will make you smile and remember this moment in your life that you have chosen to record, either for yourself or your loved ones in the future. 

Also, as a growing business I understand the need for quality images to represent your product. I  work with other  businesses and groups that are establishing themselves, to help them  grow promote and extend their brand by taking quality images of the business, whether that be profile head-shots of you and your staff,  images of your business or event in action, Images of your products or all or some of the above.  I am all about adding value and will happily work with you to produce more of what you need to promote and grow your business.

Have a look at my Portfolio to see some of the recent images I have taken and projects i have been involved in.

Click here to see my Portfolio.

So if you want to chat through an idea or ask any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can connect with me through Social Media or via the "Contact Us" link below.

Rich Foister

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